installing teamviewer on your mac.

teamviewer is free for you to use; you get your own unique ID number, but the password changes with each new session, providing security. i can only get access when you open the app and give me the current password. it's simple, and safe...

click HERE to go to the teamviewer site (it should look something like this):

once you're there, click on "Download TeamViewer", and the appropriate version will download to your mac.
then go to your Downloads folder, and find 'Teamviewer.dmg'

double-click on the icon, and you should see:

follow the prompts. always click 'continue' on the bottom right.

you do NOT need to set a password when it's asked for; just skip that step.
only when your mac asks for YOUR computer password, enter it:

when the process is finished, you'll have a window that says 'teamviewer was successfully installed'.
you can close that window. and you should be left with this:

(again, you do not need anything in the 'Personal Password' window).
what you'll need for an online session is 'Your ID', and the Password below that. (remember, the password changes for each session, so no access can be given without the current password).
control-click on the teamviewer icon in the dock, and click on "keep in dock"... and teamviewer will always be there if you need it.
you can QUIT teamviewer at this point.
finally, on your desktop, find this 'disk image' and drag that to the trash.


if any questions...